Erasmus Plus Institute

Our mission

We are committed to providing and disseminating inspiration, knowledge and tools to teachers to improve the education and the future of our children.

Our Values


We seek creative new ideas and tools that have the potential to change the world of education and with it the world.


We know that no one has all the answers, we are based on a culture of humility and continuous new knowledge.


We love what we do. enjoy our work on a daily basis, transmitting enthusiasm and excitement. we want to leave a mark on the world and we do our best to make it happen.


We know that when people work together they can create something bigger than themselves as individuals.


We understand that it is very important in life to decide whether we do something or not, but if we do it, we put the best of ourselves into it.

Our Teachers

Elena Carrión
Vicente Morales
Elena Cánovas
Javier Garcia
Carmen Abrisqueta
Pablo Moreno